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Outsole Material Rubber

Outsole Material Rubber

Outsole material rubber 1. Product Description There are many new designs and some did not show on web. Welcome contact with us. We will send you our latest design. Thanks! · Model NO.: LY-N10 · Color: Any Color · Applicable User: Adults · Gender: Unisex · Material: Rubber Sheet · Type: Outsole...

Outsole material rubber

1. Product Description

There are many new designs and some did not show on web. Welcome contact with us. We will send you our latest design. Thanks!

· Model NO.: LY-N10 

· Color: Any Color 

· Applicable User: Adults 

· Gender: Unisex 

· Material: Rubber Sheet 

· Type: Outsole 

· Usage: Shoe Sole 

· Model No: Ly-N10 

· Size: 110cm*100cm/100*100cm 

· Thickness: 2.5mm-8mm 

· MOQ: 350 Sheets 

· DIN(Abrasion): Under 350/ 450-550/ Above 550 

· Flexing: 20000/500000/100000 Times 

· Hardness: 80-93 Shore 

· Feature: Wear-Resistant, Heat-Resistant, Impact-Resistant 

· Export Market: Global 

· Trademark: LIYU 

· Transport Package: 250 Sheets/Pallet, as Customers′ Request 

· Specification: QualityA>Quality B> Quality C 

· Origin: Dongguan, China 

· HS Code: 4008 

Outsole material rubber knowledge

(1) EVA midsole: EVA, ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer, compared with polyethylene, EVA introduced into the molecular chain of vinyl acetate monomer, thereby reducing the high degree of crystallinity, increased flexibility, impact resistance , Filler compatibility and heat sealing performance. EVA midsole refers to the EVA after injection into the mold through a high temperature heating after forming a shoe midsole, also known as a foam in the end. The traditional EVA is hot pressing, EVA injection machine directly into the EVA particles into the mold inside the machine, the vacuum plus sulfur about 400 seconds after the mold is opened, the mold soles foam molding, and then after the heat, cold stereotypes stereotypes. The biggest feature is the high yield, a molding. The disadvantage is easy to deformation, yellow over time, shrinking.

(2) PHYLON midsole: PHYLON originated in the United States, the earliest shoes are called PHYLON midsole. Refers to the material into the mold, after two high-temperature heating after the firing of the shoe insole. Used for sports shoes series. The PHYLON's hardness is controlled by temperature. During firing of the PHYLON midsole, the higher the temperature, the more dense and hard the cured PHYLON. The lower the natural heat of the fire PHYLON also lighter the more soft, so the evaluation of the quality of shoes in the end can not be measured by the degree of weight or soft and hard.

(3) Burning cloth in the end: Burlap in the end is PHYLON midsole, is the pursuit of the overall design feeling and use of a shoe-making technology, the best example is that the shoe midsole and shoe body with the same Kind of fabric, to achieve the overall integration of the shoe body and sole. To achieve this process is to use the selected cloth wrapped already molded PHYLON midsole, high temperature firing in the mold.

(4) PVC midsole: PVC that is PVC, is a kind of artificial leather, is the first invented for cortical fabric substitutes. Is made of PVC plus plasticizers and other additives rolled composite made in the cloth. PVC low impact strength, thermal deformation, resilience as PU.

(5) PU midsole: In addition to PHYLON midsole and EVA midsole, PU midsole is also very common. Polyurethane, a polyurethane name, is a high density, durable, foam-based, durable material commonly used in the midsole of the back. The biggest advantage of PU midsole is better elasticity and toughness.

(6) package in the end: bag in the end from the appearance of the outsole and upper by two major components, but the structure or from the outsole, midsole and upper three parts, but the midsole wrapped in the upper Inside.

(7) PU overall soles: PU soles are low-temperature forming soles. PU bottom is characterized by light, but not wet, water chemical reaction occurs after the layers of corrosion away.

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