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Sole Shoe Material

Sole Shoe Material

Sole shoe material Product Description There are many new designs and some did not show on web. Welcome contact with us. We will send you our latest design. Thanks! · Model NO.: LY-N10 · Color: Any Color · Applicable User: Adults · Gender: Unisex · Material: Rubber Sheet · Type: Outsole · Usage:...

Sole shoe material

 Product Description

There are many new designs and some did not show on web. Welcome contact with us. We will send you our latest design. Thanks!

· Model NO.: LY-N10 

· Color: Any Color 

· Applicable User: Adults 

· Gender: Unisex 

· Material: Rubber Sheet 

· Type: Outsole 

· Usage: Shoe Sole 

· Model No: Ly-N10 

· Size: 110cm*100cm/100*100cm 

· Thickness: 2.5mm-8mm 

· MOQ: 350 Sheets 

· DIN(Abrasion): Under 350/ 450-550/ Above 550 

· Flexing: 20000/500000/100000 Times 

· Hardness: 80-93 Shore 

· Feature: Wear-Resistant, Heat-Resistant, Impact-Resistant 

· Export Market: Global 

· Trademark: LIYU 

· Transport Package: 250 Sheets/Pallet, as Customers′ Request 

· Specification: QualityA>Quality B> Quality C 

· Origin: Dongguan, China 

· HS Code: 4008 


Sole shoe material knowledge

Broadly speaking, rubber (synthetic rubber) is actually a kind of plastic, plastic, including rubber (synthetic rubber). Thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs), a new type of polymer material between rubber and resin, have the same functions and properties as traditional thermal rubber (soft, elastic and good touch) General thermoplastics processing simple, fast and recyclable dual benefits. TPE is a rubbery thermoplastic with its function and nature. Therefore, it is also called Thermoplastic Rubbers, or TPR for short. With environmental non-toxic and safe, a wide range of hardness, excellent coloring, soft touch and other characteristics; weather resistance, fatigue resistance and temperature resistance, superior processing performance, without curing, recycling can reduce costs, both secondary injection molding, With PP, PE, PC, PS, ABS and other substrates coated adhesive, can also be a separate molding.

 TPE thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) can be generalized into two types of general-purpose TPE and engineering TPE. The TPEs that have been industrially produced in the world are: styrenes (SBS, SIS, SEBS, SEPS), olefins (TPO, TPV) TPB, TPE, TPE, TPU, TPEE, TPE, Silicone, Ethylene, etc. , Covering almost all areas of synthetic rubber and synthetic resins. Styrene TPE, also known as TPS, is a block copolymer of butadiene or isoprene with styrene, the performance closest to SBR rubber. About half of all TPE.

Representative varieties of styrene - butadiene - styrene block copolymer (SBS), widely used in the footwear industry, has largely replaced the rubber; the same time in rubber, rubber and other industrial rubber products with 3 Way is also constantly expanding. SBS is also used in large quantities as an impact modifier for PS plastics and as an excellent modifier for asphalt pavement asphalt pavement, which is resistant to abrasion, cracking, softening and skid resistance.

The advantages of thermoplastic elastomer: (1) can be processed with the general thermoplastic molding machine, such as injection molding, extrusion molding, blow molding, compression molding, molding and other molding; rubber injection molding machine vulcanization, time from the original 20min or so, shortened to 1min or less; available molding extruder vulcanization, extrusion speed, curing time is short.


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