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Rubber Sole Sheet For Shoes

Rubber Sole Sheet For Shoes

Rubber sole sheet for shoes Our Advantages: 1. With more than 20 years experience of manufacturing rubber sheet. 2. OEM&ODM are available. 3. With the complete production line, advanced equipment and professional workers, we control the quality well, offer competitive price and efficient...

Rubber sole sheet for shoes

 Our Advantages:

1.   With more than 20 years experience of manufacturing rubber sheet.

2.   OEM&ODM are available.

3.   With the complete production line, advanced equipment and professional workers, we control the quality well, offer competitive price and efficient service.

4.   Sample will be finished in 5 days and bulk production will be produced soon once the sample approved by customers.

5.   No MOQ requests, especially for new customers.

6.   Prompt delivery and lowest shipping cost. Usually we will burden the delivery charge

7.   Good reputation both at home and at abroad.

8.   Customer oriented; Honest Management.

Rubber sole sheet for shoes knowledge

The wastes generated in the production process (escape the burr, extrude the waste rubber) and the finally appeared waste products can be directly returned for reuse; the used TPE old products can be reused after simple regeneration to reduce environmental pollution and expand the sources of renewable resources;

Without curing, saving energy; self-reinforcing large, greatly simplified formula, so that the impact of complex agents on the control greatly reduced the quality of the performance easier to grasp. Disadvantages of plastic elastomer: TPE heat resistance is inferior to rubber, as the temperature rises and physical decline, so the scope of application is limited. At the same time, the compression deformation, rebound, durability, as compared with the poor rubber, the price is often higher than similar rubber. But in general, the advantages of TPE are still outstanding, but the disadvantages are constantly improving, as a new energy-saving rubber raw materials, the development prospects are very promising.

 Plastic to synthetic or natural polymers, compounds as the basic ingredients in the process of plastic molding; with oil, corrosion resistance, insulation, low cost and so on. Used for the outsole, with the main, half in the end of the material and Baotou. A single component, multi-component, single-component plastic contains only plastic essential synthetic resin, and most of the plastic in addition to synthetic resin, there are fillers, hardeners, coloring agents and other additives, which is Multi-component plastic. Almost all use plastic in plastics. Resin is the most important component of plastic, plays the role of adhesive, can cement the other ingredients into a whole. Although the addition of various additives can change the properties of plastics, resins are the fundamental determinant of plastic type, performance and use. Commonly used resin types are: PE, PVC, PS, PF, UF, EP, PR, PU), polymethylmethacrylate (PUMA), silicone (SI) and the like.

In accordance with the changes that occur when heated, the synthetic resin can be divided into two kinds of thermoplastic resin and thermosetting resin. Thermoplastic resin: It is softened, cooled and hardened by heat, and can not react chemically. This property can be maintained no matter how many times heating and cooling are repeated. The thermoplastic resins are: polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene, polyamide, polyoxymethylene, polycarbonate, polyphenylene oxide, polysulfone, rubber and the like. The advantage of thermoplastic resin processing is simple, with high mechanical energy. The disadvantage is poor heat resistance and rigidity. Thermosetting resin: resin after heating chemical changes, gradually hardening molding, and then not heated softening, it can not be dissolved. Thermosetting resin has the advantage of high heat resistance, pressure is not easy to deform. The disadvantage is the poor mechanical properties. Thermosetting resin phenolic, epoxy, amino, unsaturated polyester and silicone ether resin.

   Plastic advantages: good processing properties, simple processing technology; light weight: similar to wood; than the intensity of strength: a light and high strength materials; thermal conductivity is small: the ideal thermal insulation material; chemical stability: the general Acid, alkali, salt and grease have good corrosion resistance; good electrical insulation: are generally poor conductors of electricity; performance design is good: by changing the formula, processing technology, made with a variety of special properties of the project Material; rich decorative: can be made of transparent products, can also be made of various colors of products, and color beautiful, durable, but also with advanced printing, embossing, plating and bronzing technology made with a variety of patterns, flowers Three-dimensional and surface, metal products. Plastic shortcomings: easy aging --- products in the sun, air, heat and environmental media such as acid, alkali, salt and other effects, the molecular structure of the variable, plasticizers and other components volatile, resulting in fracture bond, and thus Bring deterioration of mechanical properties, and even hard and brittle, destruction and so on. Flammable - not only flammable, but also in the combustion of large amount of smoke, and even produce toxic gases. Poor heat resistance: generally have the heat deformation, and even the problem of decomposition. Low stiffness: a viscoelastic material with low modulus of elasticity.

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