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Rubber Shoe Outsole

Rubber Shoe Outsole

Rubber shoe outsole Rubber shoe outsole knowledge Microfiber skin "is what material? A: The full name of Microfiber leather is "ultra-fine fiber-reinforced PU leather." It has extremely excellent wear resistance, excellent cold, breathable, anti-aging properties. PU is...

Rubber shoe outsole


Rubber shoe outsole knowledge

Microfiber skin "is what material?

A: The full name of Microfiber leather is "ultra-fine fiber-reinforced PU leather." It has extremely excellent wear resistance, excellent cold, breathable, anti-aging properties.

PU is polyurethane. Polyurethane leather has excellent performance. In this regard, Bayer, BASF, Huntsman's production capacity is a world-class, while Toray, Asahi textile fiber supplier represented by higher product technology. Abroad, due to the influence of the Animal Protection Society and the development of technology, the performance and application of polyurethane synthetic leather surpass that of natural leather.

After adding microfiber, polyurethane toughness and breathability, abrasion resistance has been further strengthened. There is no doubt that such a finished product, the performance is quite excellent.

People who buy microfiber products are tasteful, and are most welcome by Christians abroad because of the appearance of leather, better performance than the leather, and no killing of animals.

Q: What is the end of MD? Wear it?

A: MD is the EVA injection in the end, MD is not touching the ground at the end of that layer.

Now the most common sports shoes midsole and midsole in the PHYLON EVA midsole. In fact, the two belong to the same category of attributes (engineering plastics), but why there is a difference between the call it?

PHYLON originated in the United States, the earliest shoes are called PHYLON midsole and no EVA midsole and PHYLON midsole, and later with the continuous development of footwear products to Taiwan and South Korea's major brand footwear product development plant for Source, the name of the bottom more systematic, there is what we now call EVA midsole.

Now used in the midsole is PHYLON midsole, his biggest feature is lightweight, flexible, with good cushioning properties, PHYLON is called secondary foam. EVA midsole is also very light, but the cushioning performance and flexibility is far less than the PHYLON midsole, but the cost is much lower than PHYLON, EVA midsole is called a foam.

(Note: a foam: After the material into the mold, through the heat after a molding shoe midsole, called a foam in the end, that is, EVA midsole.)

Secondary foam: After the material into the mold, through the two high temperature firing after firing the shoe soles, it is called the secondary foaming midsole, that is, we often say that the PHYLON midsole. The PHYLON's hardness is controlled by temperature. During the firing of the PHYLON midsole, the higher the temperature, the greater the density of the cured PHYLON midsole and the harder it is. The lower the natural heat of the firing of the PHYLON midsole is lighter and softer, so evaluation of the quality of the midsole can not be measured by the degree of weight or hardness.

About midsole

1. Burning cloth in the end:

Burlap midsole is PHYLON midsole, but the designer in pursuit of the overall design feeling and a shoe-making technology, the best example is LB1. The midsole and the shoe body with the same fabric, making the overall integration of the shoe body and sole, but also a highlight of this shoe making process. To achieve this process is to use the selected cloth wrapped already molded PHYLON midsole, with high temperature in the mold burn, it becomes like we have seen in the texture of the LB1 shoe midsole.

2. PU midsole: In addition to PHYLON and EVA midsole, PU midsole is also very common, the biggest advantage of PU midsole is the flexibility and flexibility is better.

3. Package in the end: Now a lot of shoes with a built-in midsole structure, also known as bag in the end. Like the T-MAC series, NIKE's genre series belong to the package in the end structure. In the end of the package from the appearance of the outsole and upper two major components, but the structure or from the outsole, midsole and upper three parts, but the midsole wrapped in the upper inside.

On insoles and integral soles

1. Insole: Insole can be considered as a package in the end of a form, and the package in the end is different, the mainland structure is wrapped in shoes at the end of the outsole, for example, FORCE1, even the Mainland structure, rather than appearance As seen in the overall rubber outsole, in fact, the inside of the rubber outsole is wrapped in shoes in the end, this midsole is also called the MD in the end, belonging to a EVA fired.

2. One-piece sole: The most common type of sole is EVA foam molding sole, which is low-cost and extremely slip-resistant, with soles on the water as if worn on roller skates. REEBOK 3D soles are the best endorsement EVA foam soles.

3. PU overall soles: ADI and NIKE not so much when using this soles, PU soles are low-temperature forming soles. PU bottom is characterized by light, but not wet, water chemical reaction occurs after the layers of corrosion away.

4. Pure rubber soles: pure rubber soles used for outdoor hiking shoes, or work shoes, electric shoes. The entire soles of the whole rubber composition, the advantage of wear-resistant non-slip, the disadvantage is that the weight is too large. CAT work shoes are generally used in this soles, also called insulated soles.

Comparison of several materials:

TPR at the end of the advantages:

1, wear-resistant

PU bottom advantages:

① elasticity; ② light weight; ③ in the rubber bottom and other decorative pieces (such as air-cushion, etc.) when the shape molding can be diverse; ④ toughness.

MD at the end of the characteristics:

①. Light weight

②. Good elasticity, good shockproof performance

First, the maintenance of shoes

1. To buy a fit shoes, or shoes easily deformed and hurt the feet.

Regularly clean shoes, wipe with a damp cloth; do not brush with brush Meng.

3. If the shoes wet, fortress newspaper to maintain the appearance of the shoes, and let the shoes dry naturally, avoid direct sunlight or high temperature baking.

4. Shoes should avoid contact with solvents, acids, alkalis, oil, etc. Maintain two or more pairs of replaceable shoes, so that shoes take turns rest.

5. Casual shoes, sandals should not be fierce exercise.

Second, the maintenance of sports shoes After you buy a pair of suitable sports shoes, you must want to know how to protect and extend its useful life. The following points may be of help to you:

1. Daily training athletes. The best preparation for more than two pairs of sneakers for replacement every day.

2. Before wearing shoes, it is best placed in a ventilated place, so that shoes have enough time to dry.

3. athletes or sports enthusiasts should always wear the purchase of sports shoes.In order to extend the service life of shoes, as little as possible wash.

4. running shoes on nylon mesh cloth and artificial tanned leather is relatively easy to maintain, available sailor wash, it is best not to use the washing machine or soaked in water.

5. Insole toe down in the ventilated place to dry.

6. When the shoes dry, the use of the shoe support will help restore the original shape of the shoes, or the newspaper stuffed in the shoes. The newspaper has a double benefit, not only can help restore the original shape of shoes, but also quickly absorb moisture in the shoes.

7. shoes after the newspaper will be removed, let the shoes dry for a while.

8. Excessive direct sunlight, hair dryer heat and improper care methods will reduce the service life of shoes.

Daily maintenance

The following is a net friend on how to wash white canvas shoes, small experience, I hope for everyone to help:

Do not use detergent and soap.

Washing powder out of color.

Soap washed yellowing.

First, brush your shoes with toothpaste

Second, do not brush the sun after the sun, so fade, to be placed in the shade, the natural air-dried

☆ regular cleaning shoes, dirty upper, dipped in water with a soft rag swab, do not brush with brush Meng.

☆ cortical shoes should be oil to ensure leather toughness.

☆ can not be used when cleaning bleach.

☆ Avoid water seepage, exposure and fire roasted; avoid direct sunlight after washing, causing aging, deformation, fading and broken mesh.

☆ Avoid contact with sharp objects, chemicals.

☆ maintain more than two pairs of shoes can be replaced, so that shoes take turns rest.

☆ pay attention to special shoes, casual shoes, sandals should not do strenuous exercise, indoor sports shoes should not be strenuous exercise outdoors.

☆ use, the outsole to avoid contact with oil or other corrosive agents, if contaminated, immediately rinse with water.

☆ lace / magic band can not be too tight to the activities of the foot is appropriate, otherwise it will affect the comfort.

☆ do not wear, remove the insoles, the shoes placed in a dry and ventilated place, easy to shoes radiate heat, restitution.

☆ try to avoid squeezing, so that the shoes remain the same state of deformation.

☆ When not in use for a long time, it needs to be washed and dried to store it in a dry place after wrapping the paper.

☆ Avoid high-temperature baking, in case of flooding in the shoe plug newspaper, dry moisture and moisture, place ventilated place to dry

A sports shoe is generally composed of toe, upper (front, side) outsole, midsole, heel, lining, insole, tongue and various accessories. According to the height of the shoe is divided into three types: low to help, in the help, high help.

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