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Rubber Sheet Matt Color

Rubber Sheet Matt Color

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Rubber sheet matt color

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Rubber sheet matt color knowledge

Thermoplastic Polyurethanes / Thermoplastic Polyurethanes (TPU / TPU) These shoe types have become more interesting due to the new developments of material suppliers. Thin thermoplastic polyurethane outsole and blown thermoplastic polyurethane midsole will become a new material combination in the future

More or less, its principle and polyurethane / polyurethane production methods have a combination of materials. Thermoplastic polyurethane covers a wide range of hardness, in the footwear industry, the Shore hardness value from 55A to nearly 85A, in fact, its excellent wear resistance and slip resistance, thermoplastic polyurethane endowed a good carving process. The blown thermoplastic polyurethane is now ready for the infusion process, which means that manufacturers are able to skip production material combinations from thermoplastic polyurethanes to thermoplastic polyurethane / thermoplastic polyurethanes in a short period of time.

  In the processing, compared with polyurethane, thermoplastic polyurethane has great advantages. Thermoplastic polyurethane bags available in the feed, was granular. No chemical-related expertise is involved, and the operator does not have to be forced to adjust a large number of different machine-specific parameters while operating the machine. Thermoplastic Polyurethane / Polyurethane (TPU / PU) Probably the most common material combination today. Thermoplastic polyurethanes / polyurethanes have many advantages. First, you can complete the shoemaking process through a one-stop process. In this process, thermoplastic polyurethane is used to make shoe outsoles, and polyurethane is used to make shoe midsoles. Of extreme interest to the bottom direct molding process is the combination between a shoe outsole made of a compact thermoplastic polyurethane and a low weight shoe midsole foamed from a self-reactive polyurethane. As a result of the combination, a composite soles with a highly abrasion-resistant outsole and a comfort-ready shoe midsole are produced.

  In addition to their outstanding physical properties, the shoe outsoles made of thermoplastic polyurethane meet the needs of modern design, using transparent soles or colorful soles for direct molding processes. Multipurpose Thermoplastic Polyurethane / Polyurethane (MTPU / PU) Designers and manufacturers are excited to use thermoplastic polyurethane injection molding procedures and the new DESMA process to create three-color soles. This allows one process, three colors or functions. The colored material is injected into the passageway in the mold frame by a pair of injection molding equipment and fills up the sole area up to the user's discretion. After hardening, the material is poured, thus forming the outsole. Then inject shoes in the end, that is completed production. All steps are done on the same machine as an integral part of the entire process. Unprocessed, not for sale. Not only does it save handling, distribution and material steps, it also increases the quality and economy of the product. One Process, Multiple Sole Features, DESMA Process quickly takes advantage of the potentially indeterminate nature of the new product. Now, not only can the sole category be distinguished by color, but it can also be differentiated by hardness, function, strength and characteristics. For example, these advantages allow manufacturers of safety shoes to offer shoes with a special category of support or user-friendliness.

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