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Rubber Sheet

  • Rubber Sole Shoes

    Rubber Sole Shoes

    Rubber sole shoes Rubber sole shoes knowledge There is no dermis layer of the second layer of skin, is the fibrous tissue (mesh layer), the chemical material sprayed or covered with PVC, PU film processing, so the distinction between the first layer of skin and the second...Read More
  • Rubber Sponge

    Rubber Sponge

    Rubber sponge Reasons for your perfect choice 1.with more than 20 years of experience manufacturing a wide variety of rubber sheet sole shoes. 2.we have the complete production lines and advanced equipment,we are able to control the quality,offer competitive price and provide...Read More
  • Native Gold Sheet

    Native Gold Sheet

    Native gold sheet 1, OEM&.ODM available 2, Specifications Different Patterns and fashion design for your best choice Agent Price Small order qty is acceptable 20years experiences of producing rubber outsoles sheet Cooperate with different Top brands: ZARA, LEVIS, COLEHAA,...Read More
  • Pearlite Rubber Sheet

    Pearlite Rubber Sheet

    Pearlite rubber sheet Pearlite rubber sheet knowledge PU bottom advantages: ① elasticity; ② light weight; ③ in the rubber bottom and other decorative pieces (such as air-cushion, etc.) when the shape molding can be diverse; ④ toughness. MD at the end of the characteristics:...Read More
  • Gold Foil Rubber Sheet

    Gold Foil Rubber Sheet

    Neolite rubber sole 1. Various Design and quality grade; 2. Hardness can reach 60-95 degreen shore A; 3. Abrasionr-resisting can be reach 250-550,Folding more than 100000 times,and we can guarantee the outsole will not breakage; Neolite rubber sole knowledge Of course, the...Read More
  • Abrasionproof Rubber Sheet

    Abrasionproof Rubber Sheet

    Abrasionproof rubber sheet 1. With more than 20 years experience of manufacturing rubber sheet. 2. OEM&ODM are available. 3. With the complete production line, advanced equipment and professional workers, we control the quality well, offer competitive price and efficient...Read More
  • Artificial Rubber Sheet

    Artificial Rubber Sheet

    Artificial rubber sheet We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, offering you the best-selling and cheap rubber sheets made in China. The bulk customized orders with low price are also welcome. Artificial rubber sheet knowledge Raw rubber bottom: raw...Read More
  • Material Sheet Rubber

    Material Sheet Rubber

    Material Sheet Rubber Material Sheet Rubber knwledge Tendon (Tianjin) at the end: Thermoplastic elastomer bottom, a light yellow translucent soles, because of its color and character like cattle tendon and named. "Tendon at the end of" is described as strong and...Read More
  • Plantation Crepe Sheet

    Plantation Crepe Sheet

    Plantation crepe sheet High Flexibility and Protective Rubber Soling Sheets Product Description Crepe Rubber Soling Sheet Plantation crepe sheet knowledge Imitation leather bottom: It is a kind of typical rubber and plastic with high elasticity material, the main component of...Read More
  • Raw Stock Sheet

    Raw Stock Sheet

    Raw stock sheet 1. Product Description There are many new designs and some did not show on web. Welcome contact with us. We will send you our latest design. Thanks! Raw stock sheet knowledge TPR has always been a generalized generic term, including TPV, SEBS, SBS, TPO, TPU,...Read More
  • Rubber Bottom Sole

    Rubber Bottom Sole

    Rubber bottom sole Product Application Ladies’shoes outsoles, Men’s shoes outsoles, Fashion shoes outsole and insole, slipper outsole, Kid’s shoes outsoles, Welt, Stacks, All rubber outsoles for shoes. Rubber bottom sole knowledge MD at the end: MODEL or PHYLON dragon...Read More
  • Rubber Sole Piece

    Rubber Sole Piece

    Rubber sole piece Our Product Shoes Accessories Rubber Sheet & Mat Floor Tile High Foam sheet , Neolite Rubber Sheet, Crepe Rubber Sheet Rubber sole piece knowledge Ethylene Vinyl Acetate - Polymer materials. Commonly used in jogging, walking, casual shoes, foot training...Read More
We are one the most reliable and professional China rubber sheet manufacturers and suppliers that you can trust. Welcome to buy the quality, highly flexible and protective rubber sheet made in China from our factory. We have bulk products at your choice and the customized service is also available with low price.