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The Origin Of Rubber And The Composition Of Rubber Sheet.
Apr 25, 2017

According to the literature, the ball of the elasticity of the excellent, but also to visit the Spanish people think that these skins have evil spirits possessed. The rubber is also used as a strap for holding a wooden handle on a stone or metal appliance, and a filler for the handle.

Maya can use rubber to make shoes. Although Native Americans do not officially vulcanize the rubber as modern people, they can still use organic matter to reach an approximate effect, such as mixing unprocessed emulsions into different varieties of sap or some rattan juice.

Some Brazilian indigenous use of rubber to make waterproof cloth. There was a wind heard that the Portuguese took these clothes back to the motherland, the fellow frightened, the results were charged with the implementation of witchcraft and trial.

Rubber into the UK, we found that this material can be very effective to wipe the pencil left traces. So now rubber English rubber is also used to describe the eraser. Funny is that today's American habits to eraser title eraser, rubber was used to describe the condom.

Natural rubber comes from the three-leaf rubber tree to supply the most commercial rubber. It will be secreted by a lot of damage when the rubber emulsion rich in sap. In addition, fig trees and some plants of Euphorbiaceae can also supply rubber.

Germany in the Second World War because the rubber supply was intercepted, had tested from these plants to obtain rubber, but later changed to produce artificial rubber. The beginning of the rubber tree was born in South America, but through artificial transplantation, and now Southeast Asia also has a lot of rubber trees.

In fact, Asia has become the most important rubber ever. Rubber made from silver chrysanthemum can be cut sensitive. Other materials on rubber Although the rubber is now more than half of the manual, but natural rubber is still in some areas is very important, such as automotive and military industries.