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Classification Of Oil Resistant Rubber Sheets
Apr 25, 2017

A class of oil-resistant rubber sheet is characterized by oil resistance and wear resistance in general, waterproof, shockproof, anti-skid performance is better. Mainly used in some mechanical processing, manufacturing industry, automobile and shipbuilding industry, chemical enterprises, mainly for the ground, the pavement of the table, play oil, water, anti-skid effect, to avoid direct contact with the ground caused by product damage and protection of the ground or The table is damaged by heavy objects.

Class B oil-resistant rubber sheet is made of 30% ~ 60% nitrile rubber plus styrene-butadiene rubber and filler vulcanization, affordable. Class B oil-resistant rubber sheet of physical and mechanical properties of good, medium degree of oil; with sealing, wear resistance, resistance to noise, low compression rate of the advantages of low. It can be used in oil medium (oil, hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, vegetable oil) to make seals, mainly for gasket processing, equipment lining, sandblasting lining and other enterprises supporting processing, insulation rubber sheet and contact with grease, Grinding requirements of the higher workstations, ground, electronic products, long-term use of the bedding.

Class C oil-resistant rubber sheet is made of more than 70% nitrile rubber and filler. Class C oil-resistant rubber sheet excellent oil resistance, high temperature resistance, can be 120 degrees high temperature oil medium (oil, diesel, gasoline, lubricants) use. As the oil seal standard parts are produced by the seal manufacturing enterprises directly, only some non-standard large pieces of seals were used on the C class oil-resistant rubber sheet, so the use of Class C oil-resistant rubber plate narrow range, the price is more expensive. Mainly used for punching some high oil-resistant gasket, as a tank, oil pipeline sealed use.