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Characteristics And Advantages Of Insulating Rubber Plate
Apr 25, 2017

Insulating rubber sheet in various industries and fields of use is very extensive, because it has a good insulation in addition, there are good high pressure performance. First of all, we come to understand the origin of the rubber, the rubber source is the rubber tree and other plant latex, the rubber is extremely flexible as the choice of insulating rubber plate the first reason, good flexibility to make insulating rubber sheet in the floor The other process is not easy to break, and has a good stretch and extensibility. The following are the same as the "

The depth or height of the insulating film mark or the uneven part shall not exceed the thickness tolerance of the rubber sheet. The air bubbles shall not exceed 5 bubbles per square meter and the area is less than 5cm. The distance between any two bubbles is not less than 40mm, More than the thickness of the plastic sheet is not less than 40mm, the edge of the plastic plate or sponge-like part of the width of not more than 10mm, the length does not exceed the total length of 1/10, and does not allow cracks. The most important thing to choose rubber as an insulating plate is that the rubber has good insulation, which allows the insulating rubber sheet to be able to work normally under high voltage and is not affected by the high voltage. According to the different voltage levels can be used as insulation to meet the different needs of the product, in which case, greatly improve the efficiency of the work.