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The environmental performance of silicone board
Apr 25, 2017

The main raw material of the silica gel plate comes from the ubiquitous sand (SiO2) on earth, and plastic and rubber (except natural rubber) are decomposed or synthesized from petroleum. Therefore, from the energy conservation, the silica gel relative to plastic and rubber with environmental protection.

Silica gel also has good electrical insulation, anti-aging anti-aging, light resistance to aging and mildew resistance, chemical stability, etc., with these excellent performance, making silica gel in medical and food applications. Such as: silicone artificial blood vessels, silicone duodenum, silicone artificial lungs, pacifiers and so on. Previously, silicone products are relatively expensive, often only for high-end products. In recent years, with the Hongda new materials, back to the days of plastic industry, Xin'an shares of several listed companies such as investment and development, localization is getting higher and higher prices are cheaper. Therefore, more and more products are used silicone. Ordinary silica gel plate is made of silicone rubber compound plus a small amount of double disulfide curing agent. Although the silicone rubber can meet the environmental protection and food-grade standards, but because this is a small amount of double 24, more difficult to control.

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