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The concept of rubber aging
Apr 25, 2017

Rubber or rubber products in the processing, storage and use of the process, due to internal and external factors combined effects (such as heat, oxygen, ozone, metal ions, ionizing radiation, light, mechanical, etc.) to gradually decline in performance, The final loss of the use of value, this phenomenon known as the aging of rubber.

Rubber aging products such as raincoats, rain cloth, etc.) after the sun and rain will change color, become brittle and even broken; in the Outside the erection of wires and cables, due to the role of the atmosphere will become hard, broken, and even affect the insulation; storage in the warehouse or other products will crack; in the laboratory hose will become hard or sticky. In addition, some products will be subject to the role of hydrolysis and fracture or by the role of mold damage ... ... all of these are the aging of rubber.

The aging process is an irreversible chemical reaction, like other chemical reactions, along with the appearance, structure and performance changes.

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