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Selection of Rubber Plates in Industrial Places
Apr 25, 2017

First of all, relatively clean power stations and other places as the highest number of users on the list. The reason for demanding is simple, not just use, in the aesthetics and comfort are also higher than other places have improved. Then the rubber plate is nothing more than its best choice. Whether it is sheet type 500 * 500mm, or 600 or 1 meter specifications of the rubber plate, in the color with a certain advantage. Relative to the material and other physical and chemical properties with the coil version of the rubber floor is no different.

Second, in the aesthetic requirements of a little lower than the customer, in fact, is the price is also a certain price requirements. Such customers tell the truth most of their own use, such as some large private factories. This time we have to consider the aesthetic of the customer at the same time, the smell should be controlled in a certain range. Coil type of ordinary rubber sheet is the best choice. But the material we can have some emphasis, but the basic control in the price per square does not exceed 80, so with 100 yuan or so of the rubber floor to form a difference. The design of the surface pattern, willow-shaped pattern, slash lines, small groove, thick stripes and so are a good choice.

Finally, for some factory workshop prone to the workpiece to pick the situation, whether it is the anti-fatigue protection of workers, or the fall protection of the workpiece, the best choice are perforated rubber sheet. At the same time in the field of ship deck protection, outdoor recreational areas of the human body protection has a very good effect.

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