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Select the oil-resistant rubber sheet to pay attention to what aspects
Apr 25, 2017

The high elasticity of the rubber-resistant rubber sheet rubber is fully demonstrated after vulcanization of the rubber sheet. It has a high elasticity, excellent softness, excellent anti-fatigue strength and tear resistance in the wide temperature range up and down at room temperature Function and wear resistance function.

As for the selection of oil and rubber board is also very concerned about the necessary anti-static: As all the high-end machinery industry are based on electrical energy to work, it must be put static electricity. Non-slip: As the more high-end machinery, the faster the work, the higher the efficiency, so the choice of oil-resistant rubber plate must have a very good anti-skid effect. Acid and alkali: Many workshop sites have acid-base performance, if the mechanical equipment, long-term exposure to these environments is bound to affect its life, so the choice of oil-resistant rubber plate must have acid and alkali performance.

Products punching a variety of high refractory, flame retardant, high temperature, corrosive seals, seals. Features have a good delay in the fire, reduce the flame propagation speed, from the characteristics of self-extinguishing.

Modern life of oil-resistant rubber sheet has gradually replaced the traditional ceramic, wood, glass, plastic and other insulating materials. Oil-resistant rubber plate volume insulation resistance, dielectric constant, breakdown voltage, power factor, corona and other values are other materials on the other is its use of life is very long. The product has anti-corrosion, anti-aging, long life, non-toxic and tasteless, no harm to the body, but also in the use of time can also be cut according to their own needs. It is mainly used for anti-corrosion, wear-resistant, impact-resistant protection of its use of equipment, such as thermal power plant desulfurization system and anti-corrosion rubber sheet is mainly used for water treatment, mining rubber sheet is mainly wear, impact protection equipment and related Pipeline equipment, can extend the service life of equipment.

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