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Effect of vulcanizing media on rubber sheet products
Apr 25, 2017

1. Saturated steam is currently the most widely used a vulcanization medium, the heat from the latent heat of vaporization, with a large thermal coefficient, thermal efficiency, heat release, easy operation, low cost advantages. With direct saturation and steam vulcanization, can be discharged from the vulcanized container of air, reducing the oxygen in the air damage to the rubber. The disadvantage is easy to produce condensate, in a large curing tank temperature is not uniform, low temperature and should not be afraid of water products, heat medium.

2. Superheated steam will be saturated steam through the heater and can get superheated steam, superheated steam condensate less, the tank temperature from pressure to contain, suitable for vulcanization of high vulcanization medium. The disadvantage is that the corrosion of the equipment is heavier.

3. Hot air Hot air vulcanization can be carried out under normal pressure or pressure, the advantage is that the heating temperature is not affected by pressure, no moisture, more dry. With hot air vulcanization products, the surface is smooth, the appearance of good quality. Some special rubber such as polyurethane rubber easy to hydrolyze, need to use hot air vulcanization. The disadvantage is that the heat coefficient is small, the thermal conductivity is very low, the curing time is twice as long as the steam vulcanization, and the air contains a lot of oxygen, especially at high temperature, easy to make the product oxidation.

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